Monday, October 24, 2011

Making Halloween Fun For All

It's Halloween time! Many of us think it is fun, whereas others are not feeling the same amount of joy as the rest of us! In hopes of making the holiday more pleasant for all, I have provided a link on ideas for adapting this holiday for a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder. I also think these ideas could work well with any disability or young child:

My small family of four likes to dress as a theme. Last year we all dressed up as characters of Toy Story. This year we will be characters from Peter Pan...even the dog is dressing up as a pirate. Since my three year old son gets scared of "spooky" things easily, we probably will be wearing "happy" costumes for a while. Last year, he became very upset with the decorations we had on our front porch, and would only go out the back door until the decorations were taken down the day after Halloween. So, if you have a case like this, some of the ideas in the link may work well for you even with a child who doesn't have a developmental delay or diagnosis of autism.

Enjoy trick-or-treating and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!