Wednesday, September 9, 2009

HIPP- supplemental to medicaid

It is sad but true that families may not receive therapy services if they don't have the money to pay for it. So, I am always looking for information to help families with this problem. As I've stated before I work for an early intervention program as an occupational therapist. I have worked in more than one US state. I recently became aware of a program called HIPP that helps families with paying co-pays. I am not sure of what states this program is in, but I do know it is in Texas. In Texas, early intervention services are paid for on a sliding scale based upon how much money the family makes unless the child has a third-party payer to pay for services. Third-party payer services include: private insurance, medicaid, or CHIP. Some families who have private insurance have to meet a deductible before payment of therapy and developmental services kick in. During this time of economic hardship, than can be difficult...especially if there is a high deductible to meet. HIPP helps the families pay for the co-pays and as long as one family member in the house is on medicaid, then the family could be eligible for the program. For a link and more info. on this topic:

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