Friday, October 15, 2010

Nutritional Guidelines for Toddlers - iVillage

Today I went to a 6 hour workshop on the topic of nutrition. The speaker presented on how important good nutrition is for exercise and muscle building. So, nutrition is on my mind! Since tomorrow is my assigned day to take snacks for my daughter's soccer team after the game, I couldn't help but analyze what snack would be the best post-exercise snack as I was listening to the speaker. I decided to bring G2 (Gatorade) and granola snacks. Getting carbohydrates, proteins, and hydration within 30 minutes of a work-out or sport activity is very important, as well as drinking fluid every 10-15 minutes during the activity. It's a good thing this soccer club blows the whistle in 10-15 minute increments for mandatory water breaks!

Good nutrition is not only important for active children participating in sports, but it is important just for normal growth and development. Many of the clients I work with need more calories than what is expected of their peers with no medical problems. This might be because of cardiac problems, prematurity, spasticity of the muscles, mitochondrial disorders, or various diagnoses that tend to burn calories at a higher rate than is normal. So even though this link I'm including is nutritional guidelines for typically deveoping toddlers, the information gives a baseline of what is necessary:

Nutritional Guidelines for Toddlers - iVillage

Many of the kids I work with are blessed enough to be seen by our dietician, but unfortunately not every facility has a dietician. So, I hope the information in the above-mentioned link is helpful to those who don't have access to a dietician or nutritionist who specializes in pediatrics. If the child you are concerned about (may be your child or a client) does not have a dietician or nutritionist because there are none in your area, it might be worth the drive and money to a facility in a nearby town (or even a far away town!), even if it is just once every month or two.

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