Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hip Helpers

It has been a while since I have suggested "hip helpers" for a client, but this past week I am SO glad that I did! My 15-month old client has low muscle tone and is able to propel around only by scooting with one leg up as the other is rotated down to the floor along with one fist propping/pushing off. He has too much sensory sensitivity in his hands to crawl. As a result of this scooting position, he is having difficulties sitting with his legs in front, side-sit, ring sit, criss-cross sit, or standing; he appears to be in pain and have over stretched ligaments. He even sleeps with both hips externally rotated. This is where the help of the product "hip helper" came in. It is similar to lycra biking shorts, except for the seam is sewn between the legs in order for the legs to stay together. See the product at:

Hip Helpers Home

Wearing them helps align the childs hips. As an OT working on fine-motor skills and core strengthening with this client, this has allowed me to keep him aligned and balanced in sitting so that his arms are free to both manipulate a toy instead of one hand propping on the floor. Since we just started using them, I am hoping that each week this toddler will figure out where midline is and improve bilateral integration... and after that the sky is the limit!

Check out the site therapists/parents, because you might think this is for your little one!

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