Friday, August 28, 2009

Asthma & Allergies

My daughter has only been in kindergarten for four days, not including today because school hasn't started yet. She has already had an asthma attack and had to go to the nurse's office. She also had bad allergy problems yesterday with swollen eyes and the sniffles. Here in the southern US it is hot with lots of allergens in the air such as ragweed, pollen, etc. I feel bad for her and other similar children because it is hard to learn when you display these symptoms and problems. Her asthma and allergies are so chronic that it would be silly to keep her home for it. Also, she is quite allergic to dust and other indoor allergens, so it woulnd't be prudent to keep her from going out to recess, especially since that is what kindergarteners need so badly- to run around and be "free". So, this morning I am so glad the school already has her epi-pen, albuterol inhaler, and benadryl. I have a decision to make: do I give her liquid anti-histamine? because I hear her sniffling already, but then she will be drowsy. It will be hard to concentrate when she is drowsy but that is also the case with a cough and the sniffles. What to do? I am glad she is five years old and able to express how she feels. But what about my toddler son? He already has really bad allergies to food and airborne things. Once, he appeared to have an asthma attack, but I can't say that for sure. But I'm guessing that he will end up having it as many kids with allergies do get asthma by the age of 2 years. We as parents and caregivers have to be on the "watch out" with these little babies and toddlers who are at risk for allergies and asthma. My son gets a runny nose often and then is grouchy and fatigued. This could be mistaken for teething or other baby issues. I will be on the look out for him!

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