Friday, July 2, 2010

Toothbrushing Tips

Just the word "toothbrush" can raise levels of anxiety in some parents. Especially the ones who feel as if they either have to force toothbrushing on their kids or just go without doing it. Kids with oral aversions, sensory processing disorder (SPD), and autism especially have a difficult time with teethbrushing. Add the toddler stage to those diagnoses and the resistance to the routine is even stronger!

I know that when my own two kids have had a long, over-whelming day the toothbrushing routine (as well as bathing and sleeping) doesn't run smoothly for us either! Here are some tips from Marsha Dunn Klein on the Meal Time Notions website to make it run more smoothly:

I think that when this routine finally starts to go smoother, it opens up the door to try other strategies with other routines such as dressing, bathing, and meal time. If these tips don't help, ask your occupational therapist for some home strategies. If your child doesn't have occupational therapy, maybe it is time for an evaluation!

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