Monday, August 30, 2010

Caring For Boys Versus Girls

I've always known that girls and boys develop differently especially in the area of language and play. Now that my son is 26 months old this statement has become an even bigger fact in my life. It is funny to watch how long my son can play with his race track, look at his airplane and trains book, and interact with balls and other rolling toys. He will complete a puzzle, scribble, interlock toys, and build but after completing it, he moves back to his train table. At that same age, my daughter would have stuck with the developmental toys for 20-30 minutes. Here is a discussion link on this topic:

A Place of Our Own: Caring For Boys Versus Girls

"Boys will be boys":
Just remember that a boy with a significant language or fine-motor delay is not typical, just as a girl with a significant gross motor delay isn't typical just because of their sex. They will have slight differences, but should still fall within the "typical" range. So, if that is not the case for your child, please discuss your concerns with the child's doctor, and if necessary ask for an evaluation with your local early intervention program (ECI, EI) or outpatient pediatric therapy clinic (speech language pathology, occupational therapy, and/or physical therapy).

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