Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Do You Have Any Idea of the Chemicals Used in Fast Food Chicken

So many of us are uninformed of what actually is in the food we eat. This is the case when we eat "quick" meals at home out of a box, but it is especially the case when we eat fast food! Here is an article that hopefully will make you think twice about going through the drive-thru of a fast food restaurant:

Do You Have Any Idea of the Chemicals Used in Fast Food Chicken

The reason we go eat fast food is because so often we are too busy to cook after a long day of work and helping the kids with school work or toting them to sports lessons or other places. One thing I do is cook foods ahead of time and put them in the freezer. Then, I thaw the meal out in the refrigerator in the morning before leaving for work. This saves preparation time when I arrive home, and all I need to do is bake it! Other things I do is use the crock-pot or cook quick recipes with fresh ingredients. One of my favorite cook books has a big section on 15, 20, and 30 minute meals...this includes the time needed to prepare and cook it. And when I am working as well as a mom to two young children, I need all of the short cuts I can take without resorting to fast food! I would love to here what other people do to make nutritious meals in a hurry. Key words are "nutritious" and "hurry"!

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