Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Resources on Sensory Processing Disorder - Free Downloads

I am the handout queen...not really, it is just a title I have given myself. I love to provide families with handouts, website links, and other resources. When parents take the time to read up on topics that are related to their child's developmental delays, it is SO much easier for me to have a meaningful conversation with them about how to better help their child. My time with families is very limited, 1-2 times per week usually, and unfortunately this is not enough time to teach families everything they need to know.

One website that I am fond of is "sensory street". Here is a link to this site's resource page that includes many free downloads on topics related to nutrition/feeding problems and sensory processing disorder/ sensory integration dysfunction:

free sensory downloads

I especially like the download of "Do You Know Me?". Not only does it come in English and Spanish, but it is concise and easy to understand especially for visual learners. This handout can be given to family members, caregivers, teachers, and any other professional working with children with learning problems or other special needs.

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