Wednesday, January 5, 2011

TheraSuit- Suit Therapy for Kids with Cerebral Palsy

I worked recently with a child (diagnosed with cerebral palsy) who made many gains with the Suit Therapy using the TheraSuit. Here is a link:

Therapists Use New Methods For Children with Cerebral Palsy | OT Pediatrics News

I've had many kids over the years try alternative therapies, and some of them with good results. The kids have traveled to other facilities for weeks to months receiving various therapies in hopes of getting better motion, balance, and functional skills. All of the ones that have made significant improvements have been the ones who recieved intensive therapy of multiple hours a day: Suit Therapy, Constraint Induced Therapy, hyperbarric oxygen, and many other therapies that aimed at integrating reflexes and providing lots of proprioceptive input. This makes me wonder if NDT and some of the other popular therapies used by most therapists would get similar results if we provided multiple hours of therapy a for thought!

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