Saturday, January 22, 2011

iPod | iPhone | iPad Apps for Special Needs Children

I was just fiddling around with my iPhone and downloading some applications today. My search was on a variety of pediatric diagnoses seen in OT, PT, and speech, and not too many came up, which surprises me. But once I read how much has to go into creating an app I figured out why there aren't many! There are over 200,000 apps. available so maybe I just couldn't find the right ones. I have MANY ideas on some possible apps, and maybe one day I will actually get around to creating one...too bad I am not good friends or relatives with a computer programmer! One app that I came across that I did like was one specifically for children with autism:

iPod | iPhone | iPad Apps for Autism

Another one was for identifying a baby's various cries. So many of the parents have problems with deciphering the cries, which means the baby may get over-fed, put down for sleep too often, or over-stimulated. This app looked like it could be beneficial to new parents:

I would love to hear of some of the other good apps out there. Please, send info. on them!

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