Monday, February 7, 2011

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I came across an amazing website "Autism Speaks" recently. I was so impressed with how they had very detailed videos displaying what a typically developing child would look like for a particular play or language skill, and how a child with autism may look like doing the same task. Also on this site was a huge data base of different types of treatment in the various cities in each state. What a great source for a parent of a newly diagnosed child or for a family that will be moving to a new town! Here is the link with the names and numbers to some facilities in Texas:

Autism Speaks, Community, Family Services, Texas: Categories

Even though this link is for Texas, the other states are represented also. Some of the links include: ABA, early intervnetion (birth to three years), preschools, OT/PT/Speech therapy, biomedical interventions, doctors, and community support. I will definately be sharing information from this site with the families that I work with!

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